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Gregory Gray Associates Chartered Town Planning Consultants, Hampshire/Surrey - Projects
Garden Park Investments Image 1
Barlborough Links, Bolsover

Garden Park Investments

Bolsover, Derbyshire
Permission negotiated for the erection of a new garden centre on a 4.7ha within the Barlborough Employment Growth Zone on land allocated for B1 and B2 uses. The scheme comprised a garden centre building of 103,000sqft and outdoor display courtyard of 50,000sqft.

The scheme was successfully negotiated against the background of a development plan allocation for industrial use within the Growth Zone, on the basis of the significant employment growth potential that would be provided by a garden centre.

Peterborough Garden Park

Permission negotiated for a new garden centre comprising garden centre and retail concessions of 80,000sqft and outdoor display courtyard of 40,000sqft.

The proposal was supported by the Planning Authority in accordance with its retail planning policies and because of the sustainable location and enhancement of extended travel options including additional bus stops, and improved pedestrian and cycle access.

As a result the Regional Office determined that it was not necessary to call-in the application under the Shopping Direction.


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